Shameless self-promotion and other post-rapture events

Well, folks, we’re still here. The Rapture has come and gone like a whisper, things are exactly the way we left them and I’m still blogging. How cool is that!? The minister who predicted the Rapture lives in Boulder, CO, and let me tell you, I’m so thrilled to share the same state with that chinless weasel. But I guess stranger things happen in the Republic of Boulder.

So you’re here, I’m here, so let’s get this shindig under way.  A very nice lady by the name of Patti Larsen, author of four (4), count ’em FOUR upcoming books reviewed my book, Things to do in Denver when you’re undead. Cool lady and a sharp cookie despite the fact she’s Canadian. Here’s what she had to say:

Reviewing: Things To Do in Denver When You’re Un-Dead by Mark Everett Stone

I love paranormal books. LOVE. So when I found out Mark Everett Stone was offering a chance to review an advanced copy of his book I dove at the chance.

I was not to be disappointed, either. From the moment I began the first page to the final flip of the last, I was hooked. Mark’s snarky to serious main character offers up equal doses of sarcasm and action despite his deeply damaged soul. Kal Hakala is a man torn by loyalty to his team at the Bureau of Supernatural Investigation, deep personal hurts that span twenty years and an all consuming rage that seems to be an entity of its own.

With an equal balance of information and action, Mark shoves his reader into the life of an agent of the BSI, dealing with magic, zombies and Class 5 supernaturals that make vampires seem like fluffy kittens. Stir in a healthy dose of fairy-like Brownies with an obsessive compulsive cleaning disorder, a newbie agent dubbed Green Pea, a haunting that may or may not be a good thing and a whole lot of painful back story and you have a mess waiting to happen.

The writing is sharp, fast and engaging. The characters are fun and/or not so fun in all the right places. Mark has captured the soul of his lead character so well that it’s like the reader is sitting having a $300 bottle of vodka with him, chased with an aromatic and equally expensive cigar while Kal spins tales of his hey day, punctuated by live action reenactments so real you wish you hadn’t eaten dinner.

Five stars, two thumbs, fantastic.

Patti Larsen, author of:

Fresco (July 2011), Wasteland (October, 2011), The Diamond City (January, 2012), The Ghost Boy of MacKenzie House (May, 2012)

See, told ya, FOUR books coming out in rapid succession. I’ve had many conversations with this young lady and have found her erudite and quick-witted. Her books, no doubt, will be wildly successful. If you want to know where to purchase them, please leave a comment or contact me through (a tasteful website, full of wit and charm).

I know that someone, somewhere, out there over the rainbow won’t care much for my book, and that’s their opinion, valid and honest, but until then, according to those who have read it….MY BOOK IS WICKED AWESOME…!

Ahem…sorry, carried away there. End of shameless plug…:)

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