READ THIS OR DIE!!!! (just kidding)

Hello again, dear readers. I have chosen to abandon for a bit my shameless self-promotion to shamelessly promote someone else’s self. Hence, my very first review on my blog. And for whom does the blog toll, you ask?

Dr. Shay Fabbro. Yes, she’s a real Dr., a geneticist dedicated to unlocking the human genome and to creating the world’s first long-tailed hamster. Her book, The Chosen, was a finalist in the Indie Excellence Awards. Doesn’t sound like much? Think thou that being an indie writer means producing work of substandard quality? Think again, oh skeptical one! Let me tell you, if I had done as well, I’d be geeking about it for the next decade. The Chosen is a quality read, so don’t let the Big 6, the publishing giants that wish to control the market and possibly your souls, tell you that indie’s suck the big one. Find out yourself how wrong they are…..or just read my blog and become my willing thralls, I’ll lead you down the path of righteousness.

Back to Shay. Smart cookie, totally hot and pretty darn handy with a turn of phrase. Her second book in the Portals of Destiny (not Density, Mr. McFly) series, Shattered Destiny, actually raises the bar for the series.

Most second books and movies suffer from what I call Middle Child Syndrome. They usually suck. Check out Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom. See what I mean? Not this one. Our heroes, The Chosen, find themselves on new worlds, facing new challenges while the diabolical (or just plain dangerous) Mekans are swiftly on the move, threatening the galaxy. I won’t hand out any spoilers, but the Chosen face great peril and must adjust to situations unprepared for. This leads to one of the best openings to a book I’ve read in years. No, I….just….can’t…tell…you…..I must hold back! But it was funny enough that I think I peed myself just a tad.

Dr. Shay combines believable characters with witty dialogue that sounds natural, normal. Add to that a rollicking pace, a cool Science-Fantasy background, a dash of twists and turns, heated to a boil  then left to simmer. The result: a delectable, savory dish that will tantalize your mental palate.

Enough of the cooking metaphors. I’m starting to become hungry. In all seriousness, Shattered Destiny exceeded my expectations. Any trepidation I had at the emergence of Middle Child Syndrome has been thoroughly dealt with by an intelligently written book that is remarkably deep and passionate.

So….Plbtplbtplbtplbt!!!! to all the Big Six naysayers! This is Epic sci-fi at its best. Not hard-core si-fi, but movie matinee sci-fi that’s entertaining as hell and will leave you waiting anxiously for the third installment.

Okay. I’m done. See you soon, same blog time, same blog channel.

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7 Responses to READ THIS OR DIE!!!! (just kidding)

  1. GR Holton says:

    I fully agree with you Mark. I loved reading The Chosen! She is a phenomenal writer and definitely is going to go far in this business.

  2. Shay Fabbro says:

    *blushes till I am as beautiful a red-head as Karen DeLebar*

    You are too MUCH! I think I peed a little reading this review! Glad you liked the second book just a little bit 😉

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  4. Patti Larsen says:

    LOL–Seriously, Shay, if I didn’t want to read it before I have to now… anything that would make Mark pee… 😉

  5. Ann Herrick says:

    “The world’s first long-tailed hamster” caught *my* attention!

  6. Wonderful comments…and hilarious too.

    Of course now I’m reading all the titles as ‘density’. Hehe.

    I’ve been meaning to check these out for some time. Will do that now, as I’m thinking about it!

  7. Just wanted to add…Heck, her first book was only 70 pence on Amazon UK! I just downloaded my copy!