The Wolves of the Apocalypse

Hello again….tired of me yet? Good. Once again I’m here to provide a review. Hell, today I’m feeling so sarky I’ll post two. Yep, you heard me, two. I’m feeling that peppy.


Good question, thanks for asking. My book, Things to do in Denver when you’re undead has been released in an ebook format on and Smashwords, for the low, low price of $4.95! Damn, just can’t beat that now, can ya? So I’m feeling feisty, zippy, and happier than a politician at a fund raiser.

So, what books shall I review…..hmmm…so many possibilities, so many ultra-cool indie authors out there….let’s see…Heck, I’ll start with the next two books in a series. I’ve already reviewed the first book and enjoyed it very much.

Nightwolves on the prowl. #2 in the series by Clarrissa Lee Moon. Now, like always, no spoilers, no teasers as to the plot except for this: Watch out Japan, Cat’s coming and she worse than a barrel full of earthquakes! That being said, the book is written in a raw, vibrant style that takes no compromises, makes no excuses. You either take it on the chin or you walk away. This book has plenty of action, sex, and violence. Moon doesn’t back off, doesn’t apologize for how she writes, which is full bore, balls-to-the wall and damn the torpedoes. This book is not for everyone, not by a damn patch, but it is for those who want to kick life in the crotch and hump it into submission. I would include myself in that category.

Nightwolves Siren’s song: #3 in the series by Clarrissa Lee Moon. Cat’s back and she’s has a target on her back the size of Montana. Once again, we are treated to the type of action that punches you straight in the face and makes you want more and more, etc, etc. ┬áLike I said in the above paragraph, it’s raw, it’s uncompromising. But, like I didn’t mention above, it is FUN! I had a blast with this author, entering her strange world of pre-apocalypse events and sexy action. Unlike so many other books I’ve read, I really, really want to read more from this author. Keep ’em coming, Ms. Moon!

Ok…done now with the reviews, it’s time to head on over to Mark Land, where the grass is always green, the sky is always blue, and Scandanavian chocolate grows on trees. ┬áCheck out my book, if you will, read the free samples and let me know what you think. I am on pins and needles here, dear reader, and I can’t wait to hear what you think, even if you hate the book, I want to know. So hit me with your best shot and have a wonderful day.

Peace out and….whatever…:)


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