Back in the saddle. Boy my butt hurts!

Hello friends!

Been away from blog land for quite some time. Not that I hate to blog (every author likes to see his/her words in print), but because MY BOOK, Things to do in Denver when you’re Un-Dead, has finally arrived and I’ve been plugging away like a sonofagun to promote it. Facebook, Twitter, Goodreads, any and all social networking sites to make the populace aware of my ginormous talent. Pretty shameless, huh? You bet your sweet bippy it is. But that’s what you have to do to make a splash in this business: make an annoyance of yourself.

Working hard to put the damn thing into the Tattered Cover and even managed to convince the local Barnes and Noble to carry it on a trial run. Fingers and toes crossed here, even my eyes.

Thanks to the lovely and talented Catherine Treadgold of Camel Press, the sequel to the Denver book, What happens in Vegas, dies in Vegas, premiers this November 15th! Yep, for those of you (raise your hands….1,2,3…4,5…6…yep, all ten of you) who have read the first one, I promise the sequel is more action-packed, gritty, dark and furious than the first. I really wanted to go over the top with the second book and I think I have succeeded. Also appearing early next year (also from Camel Press) is The Judas Line, a hard-hitting story about friendship and sacrifice.

Down to brass tacks. I have a review! Yes, indeed…a real review! A few weeks ago I purchased a slew of books, one of which was True Hero?, by Jack Hessey. Ready? You sure…if you have to pee, or get a snack, I’ll wait. Go ahead, I have Angry Birds on my iPhone, I can wait forever.

Done? Good. Where was I? Oh yeah, True Hero? Let me start the ball rolling by saying that I love super-hero movies. Spider-man, Thor, Iron Man, Superman, Batman (Ok, not the ones with Michael Keaton, Clooney or Kilmer, but the cool ones with Bale), and The Incredible Hulk (The one with Edward Norton), so it was a no-brainer that I’d buy this book. Rather glad I did, too.

Stella Stargirl, a B-list Super Hero with an A-list desire for fame, is the focus of this whimsical super-romp. When all the other super-heroes are taken out of the game, it’s up to Stella to step up to the plate. Will she? Won’t she? That’s the premise behind this story and it’s one that could easily have been taken from the pages of any Marvel comic book. Hell, I can see Kevin Smith directing the movie (can you see it? Starring ex-porn star Traci Lords as Stella? No? Sheesh, you kids lack imagination, I tell ya).

At it’s core, this is a fun little story with plenty of entertainment value. For comic book fans, its a must…for fans of lighthearted fantasy with tongue firmly ensconced in cheek, it is recommended. Just pack your bags, it’s a fun ride. You know, I hate giving star reviews, like 1-5 because it really doesn’t do justice as a rating system. So, if you want an actual measurement of how I feel about this book….hmph…ok, say Midsummer’s Night’s Dream and LOTR are 100s and the GOR books are a 25, with The Runelords an 80, I would give True Hero? a solid 84…pretty freaking good considering the competition.

Ok, back to my favorite subject….me. I am currently working on something a tad different, but still in the Urban Fantasy genre. It’s called Unwilling Gate and I hope, someday, it meets with your approval.

See you later, blogophiles

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