A Geek In A Geek World

Yeah, I am a geek and I admit it, so going to GalaxyFest in Colorado Springs to schlep my books was a no-brainer. I am writing this wonderful blog post from the table I am sharing with the fabulous Shay Fabbro, the author of the Portals of Destiny series.

Apart from having to administer adrenalin to Shay (she had a fangirl moment when Denise Crosby hugged her, causing a coronary), the Fest has been a blast. People are dressed as Star Trek characters (of course), Babylon 5 characters, Star Wars characters, while some have their best Renfaire outfits on. There are also quite a few SteamPunk costumes present. Looking around, seeing all the outfits and strange people in make-up and odd doo-dads affixed to their bodies, I have come to one, solid conclusion: I am really heroically well-adjusted.

Actually, the geekfest and nerdism is endearing and fun. The people are nice and friendly and the whole place has a carnival air that I find enjoyable. It doesn’t hurt that they seem to love my book Things to do in Denver when you’re Un-dead…a true sign of good taste. My only problem seems to be the desire to buy from all the other vendors because there are tons of good shwag to be had here. Hold on, there’s a Sandperson here who is perusing my books…..

…Ok, back. Nice guy, but he was run off by a rogue Jedi who I think was his wife. Or whatever….you can’t really tell with Sandpeople.

So, as I sit here on a fun Sunday afternoon staring at people in colorful clothes (and trying not to stare at a few ladies almost wearing theirs), I have to say that I am glad to have attended and I will have to check out the Denver ComicCon in June.

Maybe I will even dress up for the event. How about as Indiana Stone?

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One Response to A Geek In A Geek World

  1. Shay Fabbro says:

    I’m going as Dr. Fab, steampunk Doc! 😀