A mind is a terrible thing….

It’s been a while since last I blogged. Reality has a way of peeing in the punch bowl and I’ve been so busy with family, writing, family, conventions, family and the occasional writing that I have totally spaced the blogging aspect of my career.

Yeah, I said ‘career’. Strange how a passion can become a profession, even if it doesn’t pay worth beans and is more frustrating than a four-year-old on caffeine. But I chose this as my Holy Grail and have been content to do so, even if I want to scream at the heavens every now and then.

So, to catch up: I attended GalaxyFest as a vender and my books were very well received. It helped that my good friend Shay Fabbro (author of the awesome Portal of Destiny series was there. Thanks Shay!). Then came StarFest in April. They asked me to be a guest. How cool is that? Talk about your ego boosts! The people running that shindig were very nice and accommodating and I had more fun than most humans should be allowed to have. And now June is here….Time for Denver ComicCon. Once again Shay and I will leap into the breach to schlep our books and hobnob with the other authors/geeks. Should be a blast. Who knows, I might dress as Spiderman!


Next I will attend MiliHiCon as a guest. Very cool. Once again, an ego boost. Then next year I will hit AnomalyCon as a guest and, once again, StarFest. Talk about filling your geek quota for the year!!

Now, the nitty and the gritty: I am two, count ’em two, books ahead on my BSI series. The third book, I left my haunt in San Francisco, should be out in 2013 and I have finished the first draft of Chicago: The Windigo City. I think I will start number five, Omaha Stakes,  this winter. Keep your fingers crossed that it will turn out to be a good ‘un. I have high hopes.

On the darker side of my particular profession….I have started and tossed three different stand-alone books. First one died at 20k words. The second at 28k and the third at an enormous 55k. WOW. Why did I do that? They sucked.

I had no IDEA I would be shitcanning so much material! It is humbling, daunting and not a little bit frustrating. My saving grace is that my wife, Brandie, reads most of my material and gives me an honest opinion as to the quality. I’ve come to trust her judgement and am relieved to do so. Let me tell you, without her I would be grinding out some serious caca. She keeps me centered.

A great deal of thanks goes out to a new friend, David J. Kowalkski (author of the bestselling The company of the dead). He and I have talked quite a bit and that worthy gentleman has allowed me to bounce a few ideas off his Australian noggin. Thanks David.

Never thought writing and self-promoting would be this hard, but it has been a lesson in humility. A serious reality check I don’t want to cash, but must if I want to stay in the game, and for me, it’s the only game in town.

Thanks for your attention…and don’t forget to check out The Judas Line, out Sept. 1st. You can download a snippet if you head out over to the Camel Press website.

Hasta la vista, baby.

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2 Responses to A mind is a terrible thing….

  1. Brad says:

    Congrats on the work. I know how hard it is to get far into spemthign and set it aside. in my case, it was 65K ghost story. Not int eh trash, but I wanted my first standalone to be 70-80K words, and at 65K, I knew it it would take at least another 45K to finish it. So off to the burner it went. So why so long for Book 3 to come out? If it is done, why wait another 6 months?

  2. What a lovely, uplifting read. Chortle chortle! Yes, I know that world you describe, that Why do we do it? Because we love it? Why do we love it? Because it makes us feel alive. Why does it make us feel alive? I don’t know, move on… Anyway, it sounds like you’ve got loads on, the promotion’s on track, the writing’s going well but most of all, you know when it isn’t (and have your wife to help you, good old Brandie!) because I think that’s crucial and yet it’s so hard to tell because as a writer you know what you *mean*. Readers wherever they come, are crucial. Great post. Carry on promoting, writing and blogging.