To Blog or Not

Man, it’s been a long time since I visited my blogsite and I realize that even though I am a writer, I have very little to say. That is, outside of my books. Perhaps I am lazy, or blocked, or even naturally reticent. Who knows? What I do know is that I am doing myself a disservice by not sharing my thoughts and promoting my work through this blog.

Okay, enough of self-recrimination, let’s get to the meat of the matter….Me.

On the bad side of the block is my book I, Monster, which garnered zero approval from various notables among the sea of literary agents out there. Looking back at the manuscript, I realize I need to give it a serious re-write. I understand my mistakes in the book, some of the dicier plot points, but I think the story, as a whole, stands strong. It was about mid way where I lost the true thread of the story, where it needs a strong hand to steer it in the right (or write) direction. When I am done writing my current BSI book, I will tackle that. Let me tell you, though, the vast collections of rejection letters cluttering my email folder is pretty damn sobering. Just when you think you are getting into the groove of the writing business…WHAM! reality smacks you in the ass with a wet shovel. It’s sobering and ego-deflating. Almost as much as American politics.

Next month, May, or the following month (June, obviously) I will be at two (2), count ’em, two book signings at Costco. One in Park Meadows and one in Thornton and I am stoked because not will people be purchasing my books (all 3 BSI books will be displayed), but I get to interact with grown-ups for a change (love my kids, but talking to a 5 and a 7 year-old all day limits the conversation to Wii and Spongebob). The great folks at Camel Press have set the whole thing up and I couldn’t be happier. Well, that is unless Natasha Henstridge shows up at my door with a slice of cheesecake, but that’s a different story…

Will these two events be the major gigs this year? Actually, no. This month, on the 19-21st, I will be at StarFest signing books, participating on some panels, rubbing elbows with some other writers and hopefully catch sight of Ben Browder, who is one of the celebrity guests. Actually, I would prefer Claudia Black (what man with an ounce of testosterone wouldn’t?), but you can’t have everything, no matter how hard you try. Be that as it may, it promises to be a terrific geekfest filled with overweight Klingons and women in corsets with their jiggly bits hanging out. A good time had by all.

That’s about it for the life and times of this intrepid writer. I work (part-time), I herd two kids (full-time), am a husband (also known as the guy without the vote) and I write (also full-time, but much more enjoyable). Things are going well, I left my haunt in San Francisco has arrived on the shelves with great critical acclaim, The Judas Line has been nominated as one of ForWord magazine’s Book of the Year (in Fantasy), and I am chugging away at the fifth book of the BSI series (Omaha Stakes). Soon I will be outlining the sixth book in the series (The Spirit In St. Louis) and the sequel to The Judas Line, tentatively titled The Judas Codex.

That’s all for now. For those of you who downloaded or purchased the hard-copy of my books, I thank you very much and I will dedicate my next work to you. To those who actually read, or have read, my blog, please remind me to write some more as I tend to get lazy and complacent.

To everyone else…take care…

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