Ronins, Thorns and Burns, Oh My!

It’s been a while. My bad. It happens….I’m not a blogger by nature, more of an author with two kids that capture the majority of my focus, but I reckoned it was time for me to put my shoulder to the grindstone and get busy here. So, my first blog in months will be something near and dear to my heart…book reviews. No worries, no spoilers.

First up: Mark Lawrence’s The Broken Empire trilogy. This is a dystopian fantasy of epic proportions and the protagonist (if I can call him that) is one Jorg Ancrath, a prince estranged from his father by pride and magic. Now, listen here folks, Jorg Ancrath is most likely the best anti-hero to come around in a long damn time. I’m not saying he’s a Thomas Covenant kind of anti-hero (first trilogy), no…he’s a metric shit-ton more villainous than that. If Dexter and Tyrian Lannister had an illegitimate love child, it would be Jorg Ancrath, he’s that great of a hero/villain.  Now, it’s an awesome read just for the main character, but you should pick up a copy for the storyline as well as the fine prose. The Broken Empire trilogy is very possibly the best fantasy of the 21st century so far and Mark Lawrence is a strong new voice in the genre.

Next one on the hit parade….The Heart of Ronin by Travis Heerman, the first book of the Ronin Trilogy. Set in 13th century Japan, it has all the earmarks of a great fantasy…cool monsters, intrigue, a tender love story, swords, lightning swift pacing and delicately crafted prose that immediately hooks the reader in. If you like history, dig nifty swordplay and love something slightly different than the usual medieval European-esque fare, you MUST pick up a copy of this book.

Last but no least is Quincy Allen’s Chemical Burn. This is a mixture of Sci-Fi, detective noir and tech thriller that will have fans of smart assery cheering. Justin Case (yes, that’s the hero’s name, I shit you not) is a different kind of detective, a mixture of the Terminator and James Bond with a dash of Phillip Marlowe thrown in for flavor. This book has it all, femme fatales, cool techno baubles, and bad-ass fight scenes. This is a fun read for fans of The Dresden Files and other thrillers that deal in the fantastic.

Those three books are the ones that stick out in mind, the ones I enjoyed the most in the past few months and I wanted to share them with you in the hopes that you will discover them for yourself. Now, I will go back to writing the sequel to The Judas Line called The Judas Codex. Currently, this manuscript is starting to eat my life and it’s time I start biting back.


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  1. Two kids, author, yeah, blogging takes blood. I’m going to hire the Kebler elves to blog for me. People who can’t sleep and love cookies will be my target market. Gonna be epic! I read the first part of Quincy’s book, and I’m going to listen to Travis Heerman’s The Heart of the Ronin. can’t wait!